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Choosing the Right Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are often definitive of your experience when hiking or trekking. This is what makes it valuable for you to proceed with caution when picking these poles. More than often, the poles will come as either trekking or hiking poles. Whereas you can use trekking poles on any terrain, hiking poles are only suited for flat places. Ensuring that you understand what to look for when selecting trekking poles will time and again make sure that you reach more reliable decisions in the long run. Always ensure that you consider the following variables in this pursuit.

It will be valuable to consider the features that the pole comes with. Time and again, your choice will depend on the intention of buying this pole. It is necessary for you to consider the adjustability of the pole. In most cases, the length of the pole will be essential in determining the stability one experiences at the end of the day. A good number of them can be adjusted from 24 to 55 inches long. Make sure that you verify if it can be folded. It is much easier to pack as well as deploy these foldable poles. This is what makes them more suitable for fast hikers. Choosing a trekking pole with shock-absorbing abilities will be helpful too. Often, they are characterized by internal springs that are capable of absorbing shock as you go downhill. It will be suitable for those with unstable hips and joints.

Make sure that you are conversant with the locking mechanism that they have. Often, you will need to choose from four options. you will have to choose from an external lever lock, push-button, twist, or combination lock. The external lever lock is lever-based and much easier to adjust. On the other hand, the twist-lock uses an expander and screw setup. You can choose the combination lock if you want to achieve more balance and strength in the long run. Always ensure that you choose a trekking pole whose locking mechanism you are comfortable with. This way, you will have a better experience down the road.

The materials used to make the pole will often have an impact on its durability. In most cases, your choice will be between composite and aluminum materials. Aluminum offers you affordability as well as durability. In as much as it can bend when under pressure, it will not crack. While composite is lightweight, it is relatively costlier. It will however come in handy in reducing vibration while trekking and thence offer you the experience that you so long for. Make sure that you select a pole that is affordable to you.

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